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The Fruit & Vege You Should Never, Ever Put Together

Eat more fruit and vegetables, they say. Well, that’s the easy part. Storing them properly can be a bit harder.

And there’s one combo in particular that will eat through your produce quicker than you can!

Did you know you can’t store apples and pears with carrots? It’s a sure-fire way to give carrots a bitter aftertaste. And all thanks to ethylene gas - a naturally occurring ripening agent – that apples and pears produce.

To get the most out of your delicious goods, it’s best to keep apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, kiwifruit, bananas and apricots away from other produce.

So what should go in the fridge and what shouldn’t?

Tomatoes retain more of their flavour when stored at room temp, rather than in the fridge.

But broccoli, on the other hand, has the shortest life of any vegetable and needs to be kept in the fridge – the closer to zero the better.

Lettuce is also best kept in the fridge, as close to zero as possible, and in a moisture proof container.

Potatoes are much more sturdy and can survive in a dark, cool, dry place for a few weeks. Same goes for pumpkins, but once they’re cut they need to go into the fridge, with the seeds removed. Eco tip: use wax wraps instead of plastic wrap to keep the cut pumpkin even longer.

With the sweet stuff, bananas are not fans of the fridge, so keep them at room temp and they will be good for about a week.

You can store unripe peaches and nectarines in a paper bag for two days, and to hurry kiwifruit along, you can add an apple or banana to the paper bag to encourage them to ripen faster.

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