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There's A Hidden Meaning On Boxes Of Shapes

Arnott's Shapes, just like Tim Tams, Vegemite and being able to run in thongs, are a much-loved part of being Australian.

Whether it was your Ma serving Cheese and Bacon Shapes with cubes of cheese to you and your friends after school or you smashing an entire box of Chicken Crimpies to try and pull through a hangover, you just can't beat them.

In fact, we're so bloody protective of our savoury snacks that there were almost riots when Arnott's announced that they were "improving" the flavours, with hoards of angry Aussies stockpiling their favourites in anticipation of the change.

Touchy subject, isn't it?

Well it turns out that Arnott's have actually been trolling us for YEARS, hiding a giant bloody message right on the front of the box that none of us ever noticed.

Luckily someone on the internet eventually did and posted it on Facebook; the picture has since gone viral, with more than a thousand shares in just 18 hours.

"IDK if I'm the only one who hasn't realised this yet but the big white shape on the Shapes box is actually the shape of that flavour's biscuit," the stunned Aussie wrote. 


And it's TRUE! Can you BELIEVE it? How have we NEVER noticed this before?

We're shook, straight-up shook. What else have Arnott's been keeping from us?

If anyone needs us we'll be in the biscuit aisle.

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