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Halo Top Are Giving Away Ten Thousand Tubs Of Ice Cream

Hold on to your hats, Brisbane! Halo Top is giving away 10,000 tubs of their famous healthy ice-cream on Friday...for FREE!

If you haven't seen this delicious ice-cream in your local Woolies, Halo Top ice cream is low in calories, creamy and of course, delicious - just like the real deal.

The best thing is, it's high in protein and low in sugar, so you can have the dessert without all of those nasty guilts!

Halo Top have also teamed up with Inspire Cycle to host free cycle classes at the giveaway! Just goes to show how healthy the ice cream really is!

You’ll be able to register to attend four cycle classes from 3:00pm to 6:00pm - and then 

Registration for Halo Top x Inspire Cycle’s classes is now open.

Head on down to King George Square, Friday March 9th between 3-6pm 

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