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This Is The Greatest Egg White Separator Of All Time

Baking a cake is no easy feat when the recipe calls for the egg yolk and egg whites to be separated. There are many different hacks and devices available online to make this task easier but one product has just blown the entire competition out of the water! 

Some geniuses over at Odditymall have released a ceramic coffee mug-looking device that will allow you to easily seperate your egg whites from the yolks. The one thing that makes this device stand out is the fact that it looks kind of gross. You see, the mug is shaped like an old man’s head and the egg whites come out of the giant nose! 

To use the device, you simply crack an egg into the top of the device, tip him over and pour the egg whites out of the two nostril holes. The nostril holes are only large enough to allow the egg whites to come out while keeping the yolk safely inside the head-shaped mug. 

Check it out in all it’s yucky glory below:

The device even features shockingly good attention to detail as the nose is red, which makes it look like the poor old man has a cold! That makes the egg whites/snot look even more mucussy. 


This would make a great novelty gift without breaking the bank. Check it out here. 

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