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UNICORN Prosecco Is A Real, Shimmery Thing!

We love a good glass of prosecco and we were pretty much certain that it would be quite difficult to make the sparkling wine better than it already is.

Well that is until we heard about the new, delicious and insta-worthy version of the drink that will surely have millennials reaching for their asthma puffers because it looks SO DAMN good that we're literally hyperventilating...

Say hello to UNICORN prosecco: A sparkly, rose-gold coloured and raspberry flavoured liquid substance that looks so magical we almost don't want to drink it...we said almost, it's still alcohol...

The glammed up sparkling wine is made by adding a shimmery, blush coloured powder, which did we mention also has edible gold leaf hearts mixed into it, to your normal glass of prosecco.

And voila, your boring, clear coloured wine magically transforms into the gorgeous unicorn version, ready to make your next celebration extra AF!

You can buy your own tub of the glittery, rose-gold powder from Popaball, and you can even buy a matching and equally as fancy shimmer stirrer to mix the magical substance in with.

Hooley dooley, saturday night drinks and prosecco itself will NEVER be the same again!

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