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Vid Of ‘Day In The Life Of Original Glazed Doughnut’

I don't know if you guys were as lucky as me but my local Krispy Kreme store had this massive window that allowed you to look into their factory and watch all of the original glazed doughnuts being made.

And trust me, it was a mouth-watering experience to watch the perfectly formed circles of deliciousness travel along the conveyor belt through the oven and into the waterfall of steaming hot glaze.

Wouldn't you love to just stick your mouth under that...

But don't take my word for it. For all of you that've never scene the donut making in action, Krispy Kreme have put together a little video of 'a day in the life of an original glazed donut' so that you can watch the magic happen yourself.

Just one glance at the glaze pouring over the doughnuts in slow motion and you'll find yourself in your car in autopilot mode driving to the nearest store!


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