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You Can Bid On V-Day Dinners At Australia’s BEST Restaurants

If you enjoy the finer things - but also have a firm desire to help people - there’s a way you can do both.


The Hunger Project has launched an initiative called ‘A Table To End Hunger’, which works to raise money to help end world hunger.

140 of Australia’s top restaurants have offered up one-of-a-kind experiences for Valentine’s Day that you can bid on - and just a hint, they’re going for well under what they’re worth.

The best bit is, the money you pay, will go towards feeding the hungry, which you can feel good about. It’s a win win.


Some of the experiences include Sydney Opera House French three-course menu at the House Brasserie followed by tickets to the acclaimed Merry Widow to finish the night, whisky tastings, cheese boards at some of the country’s best pubs - and three-course romantic meals at the places you’ve always wanted to visit - but never had an excuse to, like Cafe Del Mar in Sydney - YUM!

Anyway, click here to check out what’s on offer now - it could be the best bid you ever make!

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