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You Can Buy A Layered Wedding Cake Made Completely Of Cheese

Weddings are a time to celebrate, a time to dance and of course a time to eat a LOT of yummy food.

Problem is that by the time each guest has had their entree, main and dessert there's usually not enough room left for the cake.

At most weddings that I've been to they get cut, placed in the middle of the table and while some people politely nibble on a few pieces (hello the bride and groom paid a LOT of money for that) a lot of it is usually left to waste.

Now with traditional wedding cake's being made of, well...cake, you can take the leftovers home, but while the uncut layers can be frozen to be eaten later, cut cake should really be consumed within a few days max.

But you know something that doesn't go off quickly and in fact usually get's better with age? CHEESE! And some smart people over in Edinburgh, Scotland have come up with the genius idea to make entire wedding cakes out of the delicious stuff.

In fact, they have been doing so for 24 years! And you can tell by watching the way that they cut and balance the cheeses with complete expertise.

And no cheese is left out with the layers made of hard cheeses, soft cheeses, big ones, small ones and all in between.

The happy couple can even request cheeses that have a special meaning to them such as maybe a type that they had on a memorable date.

And what's even better? They look gorgeous too! Especially if you're going for a rustic theme with your big day.

So if you don't really have much of a sweet tooth or you just really really love cheese, maybe think about having a savoury cake for your own wedding.

I know I would never pass on a slice of brie if they have a cheese cake at the next wedding I go to...Nom nom nom.

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