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You Can Now Get Paleo And Vegan Friendly 'ANZAC Cookies'

A Sydney delicatessen called Ella's Wisdom is under fire for selling their own 'ANZAC cookies' made with cauliflower.

They launched their own 'Paleo and vegan friendly' cookies back in 2015, but are now attracting criticism for using the word 'ANZAC'

Products with the word 'ANZAC' cannot be sold without permission from the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, and must also stick to the original recipe.

Ella's Wisdom issued an apology on Monday, claiming they were unaware about the regulations surronding the use of the word 'ANZAC'.

The company said, 'We just become aware of this issue, we had no idea about the fact that was a protected term,'

'When we started selling our cookies at the markets people started referring to them as Anzac cookies so that's how we called them.'

'We did not mean any disrespect to the country we love and we simply wanted people with different dietary requirements to enjoy some Anzac like cookies as well.'

'We sincerely apologise for any hurt feelings this might have caused.'


- Cannot be used for commercial purposes without ministerial approval

- Cannot be used to name your boat, house, building or car without approval

- No importation of Anzac goods without approval

- Approval is normally given for businesses that operate on a road with the word Anzac, such as Anzac Highway in South Australia

- Anzac biscuits must conform to traditional recipe and shape but usually approved

- Approval usually given if Anzac is not trivialised and company donates to ex-service community organisations such as the RSL


Maximum penalty of 12 months imprisonment for serious breaches $10,200 fine for individuals, $51,000 fine for corporations

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