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You Can Now Get Prosecco Flavoured Cheese...Oh And It’s PINK

We love wine, and boy do we love some cheese. And yep there's nothing better than enjoying a bit of both together, because life's short and mumma loves to indulge...

But we never thought that we'd be able to LITERALLY enjoy them together...as in combined in the one product. But this angelic, prosecco flavoured cheese treat actually exists!


The Great British Cheese company are the geniuses behind this invention of Wensleydale cheese combined with prosecco and raspberry flavours.

And while raspberry may sound like an odd ingredient to chuck in the mix, Wensleydale cheese is actually best paired with fruit, and so this sweet and fizzy treat is said to be nothing but DELICIOUS!

The treat is cheap as chips too, coming in at just over $7 AUD. BUT the only downside, we can't seem to find any mention on their website of the company selling to Australia...

But surely with the amount of prosecco and cheese that we consume here in Oz they'll widen their market to us sometime soon!

In the meantime, I guess we'll have to settle for our wine and cheese platter as our special treat...which let's be honest, sounds just as mouthwatering.

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