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Your Fave Healthy Fast Food Place Now Does Take-Home Meals

This time of year, falling off the wagon is almost a daily certainty.

Between Christmas parties, catch-ups and just the general festive feeling - stopping to pick up fast food or ordering in just seems way too easy - and how many of us make the right decisions in THOSE situations?!

Not me. Which is why when I heard healthy store, Thrive, was releasing fresh, healthy meals you could enjoy without cooking, I was in.


I had to, each Christmas I’m all about the pudding, the crackling - oh and the champagne - and since I’m not willing to ditch the champagne, I figured I had to find a way to balance it out with some decent food.

Think protein, cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, healthy curries, delicious sauces, and all coming in at around 200-400 calories a serve.


None of the meals are frozen, which is one of the main things I dislike when trying other ‘healthy’ weight loss meal plans. I like my food to be as fresh as possible - and the Thrive meals definitely ticked that box,

The meals are based on the KETO-diet, meaning it's optimum nutrition for your body whilst you're burning fat.

Better still, each meal costs pretty much costs around $7-$8 each, so it’s an affordable way to stay on track.


My favourite dishes? Easy. All and I mean ALL of them were delicious, but the best were the beef cheeks with broccoli and cauliflower rice and the butter chicken with brown rice and quinoa.

Special mention must also go to the Coconut fish curry with brown rice and quinoa, which my partner LOVED.


It's not available from the stores (for now), but can be ordered online or picked up at Woolworth stores.

The snacks, trio of protein balls and granola are also DELICIOUS.


Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for not gaining 1793 kilos over Christmas as usual.

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