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A $632 Leather Bin Bag Now Exists

Fashion can be quite confusing. We’ve seen Balenciaga do a high-end rip off of the IKEA bags, and Supreme have managed to sell literal bricks just by branding them with their logos. It’s a wild world to keep up with!

Now, Spanish fashion house BIIS have released a collection of premium leather garbage bags! Yup, garbage bags styled just like the ones you’d find in your neighbours bin or even your own. 

The bags come in three different sizes. 5L, 15L and 30L. The 30L version will set you back a whopping $600 AUD. 

It appears the brand are quite proud of their product. They even took to their Instagram to post this joke:

Amy wearing BIIS bin bag 30l. Thanks Amy 🙏🏼 #litter #litterjewelry #leatherbag #madeinspain

A post shared by Ruben Gomez y Sara Lasry (@biis_ig) on

The leather bags are meant to be an alternative to a backpack and they seem to do a pretty good job of lugging around your junk.

Clearly our love for trash has found its home in the fashion world. 

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