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Anyone Keen To Give This Nail Art Trend A Go?

Introducing Bubble Nails, the nail art trend that has many people going "what the?!" - us included.

While it's certainly not new, it has become increasingly popular of late. Need proof? Check out #bubblenail on Instagram and you'll soon understand what we mean!

Achieved by building u a thick coat of acrylic, the process creates a short, rounded nail that, you guessed it, looks like a bubble.

excuse me ma'am I have a question, WHAT AREEE THOOOSEEEE?! 😶 #bubblenails #gtfo

A photo posted by b r i t t a n y; ♎️💜 (@brittkitty) on

Something new. What do you think ? Hot or not? #bubblenails #nails #nails #nailart

A photo posted by Mona Christensen (@bodywrapmona) on

So is it the trend to jump on... or are you with Regina George on this one?

h/t: Metro

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