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Apparently THIS Is The Bridesmaid Dress Colour Of 2018

You've said yes to the dress, you have your team of loyal women by your side - the next challenge? Determining what they will wear. 

Something to suit different heights, colourings, sizes, body types... And then factor in your bridesmaid's own personal taste in fashion. It's no easy task. 

It seems if you want to go on trend in 2018, this is the colour to choose - so at least that part is sorted.

Pantone colour 'Nostalgia Rose'


According to Wedding Wire, the pinkish-purple is slightly deeper than the ever popular 'blush' tones and while still feminine, Nostalgia Rose can be worn in all seasons. 

If the colour is still too girly for your liking, the site also recommends velvet as it makes a comeback in the fashion world for a bold look. 

Alternatively, jewel tones are still very much in vogue. 

Think chartreuse, emerald, jade and ruby. 

So grab your girls and get shopping! 

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