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ASOS Have Released A Bag That Has The World Split

It's safe to say that when it comes to fashion, a lot of designers like to push the envelope and break away from the ordinary.

And as a result we've seen some, let's say very 'interesting' trends...(did anyone seriously buy a pair of those plastic and yes see-through pants..?)

Well the latest weird trend to hit the stores, is a handbag that looks exactly like the poo emoji, and people have very mixed feelings about it!

The bag, which has been released on the online store ASOS is shaped like the cheeky poop character but has been dressed up a bit with a bow tie and smirking face.

It is said to be designed to correspond with the recent 'Emoji Movie' and is being sold for $40.

The accessory is designed to flow seamlessly from day to night with it's detachable chain, meaning you can wear the brown accessory over the shoulder or use it as a clutch.

But we're not too sure how many people will be seen sporting this number two on their arm after mixed reactions were posted on social media.

Some people appreciated the bag that paid homage to their favourite emoji.

But other's were definitely not impressed!

If you ask for our opinion, we're not really sure what outfit we would possibly be able to pair a poo handbag with...in fact we're thinking that this trend will soon be flushed straight down the toilet, where it technically belongs.

Is it too harsh to say fashion fail..?

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