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Aussie Mum Transforms Her Body Before Daughter’s 21st

Kaaren kicked off her weightloss journey with one simple mission: to look good and feel good at her twin daughters’ 21st birthday party.

You know how it is – friends and family (and ex-husbands!) you haven’t seen for years all in the one place – you want to wipe the floor!

Kaaren admits that her own wellness has taken a back seat in recent years while she cared for a close friend with cancer.

“Every afternoon after work I would go to her house, prepare meals and look after her. I totally neglected myself and just [started] putting on weight. Totally emotionally eating.”

Unfortunately, Kaaren’s friend is no longer with us.

When her friend passed away, Kaaren’s emotional eating didn’t stop there.

“I was completely the opposite where I thought ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen to me tomorrow, I can do what I want, I can eat what I like’ so I just totally neglected myself.”

Fast forward to now and Kaaren is a new woman with a fresh attitude towards her own health and wellbeing.

Kaaren has completed her Hypoxi trial and she is absolutely glowing!


“I was actually blown away with the results! I lost 16cm around my stomach, 7cm around my hips and 6cm around my butt.”

 “I’m so much more comfortable with the way that I look in the mirror now than what I was before.”

So, how did her daughters 21st birthday party go? Well, Kaaren was definitely turning heads!

“I had so many compliments, people I hadn’t seen for years and years and years were just [saying] ‘wow, you look great, what’ve you been doing?’”

Looking back, Kaaren is super pleased with her Hypoxi journey. 

“It’s hard to sum it up in one word, but if I was to use one word, I would say it would be transformational.”

Interested in giving it a go? Click here for information about how you can claim your HYPOXI free trial.

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