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Boyfriend Is Making A Plea For Man-Sized Tanning Mitts

Prety much every girl knows what Thursday means:

1. Only one day left until the weekend

2. Late night shopping

3. And most importantly, tanning night

Yep thursdays are the night that women everywhere have declared the best day to prepare their bodies for the weekend with a fresh, sunkissed (well fake), tan.

But of course, this is a task that, unless you have freakishly long arms, can't really be a one man job, and usually our boyfriends find themselves in the position of tanning assistant.

And we love you for it guys. Especially when you put your own bodies on the line, such as this one fellow who can't seem to fit his hand inside the tanning mit, resulting in an orange stain covering his hands.

But Brenton Mohr, Aussie tradie by day and tanning extraordinaire for his GF by night, has had enough, and is calling for tanning companies to make tanning mitts that will fit the hands of all the boyfriends out there.

Mohr appeared on Sunrise to explain the "trauma" he's gone through with his tan stained hands, and explained why tanning companies should help a guy out.

What a legend!

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