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Clinique Have Dropped A Workout Makeup Range

Looking hot at the gym isn’t really at the top of the list of priorities when you’re putting on your gym gear, but for some people it is. This may be due to having a crush on your fitness class instructor or that random attractive hot guy/girl who just happens to always conveniently be at the gym when you rock up or sometimes you just want to look so good that you make other people feel jealous. There’s a reason for everyone.

If you’re reading this and scoffing at the people wanting to look good while they work out, it’s time to wake up and admit that you’ve probably had that thought too where you just want to look good while doing your squats or lifting weights. 

Well, Clinique have now dropped their Clinique FIT skincare and makeup range in Australia and people are going nuts for it. 

The range is predominantly based around skincare rather than cosmetics. Post-workout face wipes and mattifying moisturiser are amongst the items on offer so that you can minimise that sweaty, shine face after crushing a gym session. 

There are only two proper makeup items in the range which include a 24-hour longwear mascara, and a lip and cheek tint. 

You can check out the full range on the Clinique site here. You can also get on down to your nearest Sephora store and snatch up some products for yourself of your fitness-obsessed mate. 

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