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Eating These Foods Make Your Farts Really Smell

While passing wind is a fact of life for everyone (even if some people try to claim they never do) most people with any sense of social etiquette wish there were ways that they could cut down on the chance of letting one slip that might cause them to clear a room.


A new study from Monash University in Melbourne has found how different foods can affect the amount of hydrogen sulfide produced by bacteria in your gut.

Our farts are made up of different gases including oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen, but it’s actually hydrogen sulfide that makes your wind smell like a bucket of prawns left out in the sun.

To find out how the gas interacts with feces, the scientists tested poo specimens of seven healthy volunteers and then mixed it with the components found in meat and carbs to see which produced more smelly gas.

It turned out that Cysteine, an amino acid found in meat, eggs, and other protein-heavy foods, increased the amount of hydrogen sulfide SEVEN times over!

But when they mixed the waste with fructans and resistant starch, the amount of sulfide was reduced by 75 percent.

So basically anyone who has a diet that’s high in protein is to be avoided when entering a lift or similar enclosed spaces. 

So, the next time you are at a family function or on a first date, avoid eggs and go for carbs like bananas, potatoes, wheat, or vegetables like artichokes and asparagus instead.

Lead study author Chu Yao syas the biggest discovery was there's no need to avoid eating fiber because you're worried it'll give you gas.

While you may fart more, fiber soaks up water in the intestine, knocking out the sulfide and reducing the smell.

“The concerning thing is that there are all these people walking around constipated because they are too scared to eat fiber in case they do a bad fart,” Yao told New Scientist.

Mental Floss

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