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Forget Beer And Yoga, Brisbane, We Now Have Barre And Frose

We've heard of beer and yoga classes sweeping the nation, but we think this might be even better. 

Frose and Barre classes are starting up at The Flying Cock on Thursdays thanks to SoBa. 

Barre at The Bar (see what they did there) will see you take part in the barre program that incorporates pilates, ballet, dance and yoga.

Then you can cool off with a glass of frose. 

All at the one venue. 

At $20 per person, per class, it's totally affordable as well. 

"Barre at the bar uses isometric movements with the power of music and "rosé" to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability," the website states.

"The class will start at the barre/bar with your frosé completing squats, plies and leg extensions then we will make our way to the mat - toning that toosh for the summer bod you’ve been talking about all winter and working the core.

"We then ease into some frozen sips and stretches completing it all with guided relaxation.

"Your experienced Instructors have specifically compiled the sipping soundtrack and class for first-timers, long-timers, old-timers and everyone in between.

"For only $20 per person (including 1 frosé + mat), you can treat yourself to Barre at the Bar."

Check out The Flying Cock's website for more information on future classes. 

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