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The SEPHORA Advent Calendar Is Here People

Everyone knows the premise of the advent calendar, where you open a little compartment corresponding to a day in December, as a way of counting down the days left until christmas.

And of course we all probably had the chocolate ones as a kid, but since then the adult advent calendars have risen in fame featuring things like cheese and wine as your daily little gift.

Well imagine a world where you could have an advent calendar with a different makeup product inside for each day...oh sorry you don't have to imagine because SEPHORA have made this dream come TRUE!!!

Hooley freaking dooley! Sephora, you the real MVP.

They have described their advent calendar as something that is "sure to delight you and your friends and help make the season's celebration fun and beautiful." Well you're not wrong there guys.

Their website also says, "reveal a new surprise for the 24 days leading up to Christmas with this illustrated Advent Calendar. Each day contains a makeup, skincare, or accessory gift - including two totally new items."

Want more info on the exact products included? Within this advent calendar you could receive eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lip stains, nail polish, and plenty more!

You can buy your limited edition Sephora advent calendar from stores or online here for just $65! And if you think about how much it would cost to buy each of these products on their own, that's a SERIOUS SAVING!

But you'd better be quick, if there's anything we know about Sephora it's that their products literally fly out the door!

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