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Forget Chokers, There's A New Trend You WON'T Love

There's no doubt that all our favourite fashion trends from the past few decades have been making a comeback recently.

And so far we've been quite impressed with the likes of flared jeans, outrageous patterns and of course the incredibly popular choker.

But the latest trend to make it's way back into our lives, well we're not really sure how to feel about this...

It's called a "tooth gem" and for all those who weren't around in the 90s to witness it first hand, this accessory consists of a small gem that is stuck to a tooth of your choosing with a special adhesive.

The bold beauty trend is usually worn one at a time to accent just one of your pearly whites and they can stay attached for a few years at a time.

For the past couple of years the accessory has been on the rise thanks to celebs like Katy Perry and Halsey. Some beauty bloggers are even taking the trend a step further by applying the gems to their lips as well as their teeth!

And now we're all being encouraged to get in on the fun with tooth gem retailers breaking out on the scene such as L.A's Tooth Kandy, who will let you choose from real diamonds, yellow or white gold or even authentic swarovski crystals to compliment your smile.

But we're being warned by dentists not to try this at home as incorrect application can damage the natural enamel of our teeth...Yikes!

So if this trend is for you (again we're really on the fence!) make sure you seek professional help first.

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