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Lengths THIS Supermarket Is Going To STOP You From Stealing

If you’ve been guilty of scanning your pricey organic fruit through as carrots be warned, Coles is coming for you. The supermarket giant is understood to be introducing new technology that can now identify specific fruit and vegetables by a combination of weight and image recognition.  

It’s hoped the new technology will reduce the number of thefts, which currently cost supermarkets an estimated $1.1 billion annually. Research reveals people are more compelled to steal at self-serve machines because they are distanced from the human face of the business.

Professor Larry Neale told the ABC the psychological distance from the identifiable victim is what makes self-service machines dangerous for businesses. 

“The customer can’t point to someone and say, ‘That person is going to lose money if I steal from this store’,” Professor Neale told the ABC.

He believes resentment towards supermarkets giants is a widely used excuse for entering the wrong information. 

“Some of their reputation in the community as being against farmers gives reasons for shoppers to do the wrong thing,” he revealed. 

A Canstar Blue study revealed young shoppers are more likely to pass off more expensive fruit and vegetables as cheaper products. They are also most likely to use the self service areas to avoid human interaction. 

Interestingly, one in six customers aged in their 30’s admitted to deliberately not paying for an item at a self-service checkout. The study also found men are more likely to steal than women.

Coles are yet to confirm when the new technology will be in stores.  

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