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People Are Legit Getting Freckles Tattooed On Their Face

We’ve seen many a beauty trends come and go, each more outrageous than the next…

Who could forget when we had crimped hair with streaky highlights and plucked our eyebrows into oblivion in the ‘90s?


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And now we wouldn’t dare go near a crimper unless it was to take the p*** for a fancy dress party, and thick bushy brows are the biggest obsession of the century. 

Well now, freckles are having their time in the spotlight.

And because some people have more freckles than others and some people don't even have any, people are now legit getting freckles tattooed on their faces so they do.


Freckles 🤓

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It’s called ‘Freckle Tattooing’ and the beauty treatment falls into the same family as micro blading, and it’s gaining some serious momentum in the beauty world.

The treatment can enhance your existing freckles or add a completely new set if you’re freckle-free.

But like any seemingly too-good-to-be-true beauty treatment, there is a catch. The ink can show up quite dark at first which can make it look like you’ve attempted a home job using your favourite black biro.

But the ink will fade eventually, and your new freckles will look au natural in next to no time.

Whatever will they think of next?

Source: MTV

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