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Period-Proof Undies Really Do ACTUALLY Exist

If you’ve ever been standing up and felt a slight ‘wetness’ down there, well, you’re pretty much like every other woman on the planet.

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, as Aunt ‘Flo’ is a hard one to predict. You never know when she’ll show up, abruptly, and uninvited…

So you figure there has to be a way to battle that, right? I mean pads and tampons are great, but how many pairs of undies must be soiled before ladies stand up and say ‘no more’?

Well, there are new undies about town that aim to stop that, the awkward leak I mean.

Modibodi have created super absorbent underwear that’s designed to help girls deal with ‘that’ time of the month.

With no VPL, the undies are also effective for light wee leaks, light to moderate period days, or even as back-up on heavier days. You can also get lighter versions in sexier cuts.

The best bit?

No need for pads or tampons, these babies can hold (as gross as it sounds), ’two tampons’ worth (the modifier heavy lining) and are made from super good quality materials, like bamboo, sports merino and microfibre. The knickers are also designed to fit nice and snug to your leg, for ZERO LEAKS!

Even overnight… I’ll take 10!

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