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Plastic Surgeon Known As 'Dr Bumbum' On Run After Death

A celebrity Brazilian cosmetic surgeon known as Dr Bumbum is reportedly on the run after a patient of his died.

Lilian Calixto, a 46-year-old mother of two, was undergoing a buttock enhancement procedure at Dr Denis Furtado’s home in Rio de Janeiro when she fell seriously ill.

He took her to hospital but promptly took off when she died after her condition worsened.


A warrant has since been issued for Furtado’s arrest.

Police said Dr Furtado's girlfriend has been arrested on suspicion of taking part in the procedure, believed to involve the injection of acrylic glass filler.

An investigation by the Regional Medical Council of the State of Rio de Janeiro has also opened into Ms Calixto’s death.

President of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society, Niveo Steffen, told AFP news that there had been a "growing invasion of non-specialists" in the industry.

"You cannot perform plastic surgery inside an apartment," he said.

Furtado, 45, has appeared on Brazilian TV and has nearly 650,000 followers on Instagram.

In a post on social media, Furtado said he was given the name Dr Bumbum by his clients. He considered it a term of endearment.

He signed off from many posts with the nickname, and also ran a series on Facebook called "Dr Bumbum teaches…"


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