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Reddit User Got Rid Of Her Stretch Marks In Just TWO Weeks

If you’ve ever seen a stretch mark pop up on your thighs or love handles, you’ll know that treat them as you might, they’re pretty much part and parcel with your body now.

There’s nothing harmful about stretch marks, mind you, but they can be really obvious-looking, and if there’s a way to get rid of them, and you’re that way inclined, then hey - why not?

The bad news is, they’re almost impossible to budge.

Until now.

A reddit user has uploaded a photo of her thighs, the right side covered with slight stretch marks across the inner thigh, and the left, completely smooth - without a stretch mark in sight.

Now, for those who say, ‘maybe she only ever had stretch marks on one side!’ think again.

Stretch marks have a way of being pretty balanced on both sides, whichever area they tend to show up.

They’re just symmetrical that way. Anyway, this reddit user explains in her post that she used a derma roller to get rid of the marks on her left thigh.


"Before & After – Only used dermaroller on left thigh”.

Now a derma roller is a small handheld device that rolls across the skin. It’s covered in tiny needles that piece the skin, without causing any trauma, to boost collagen and speed up cell turnover. Though these rollers are good to combat acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, it’s CRAZY to see SUCH a drastic change after only just two weeks.


Premium Derma Roller 1.5mm, $80, at Essential Derma.

"I've only done two sessions with a 1.5mm roller and thought I couldn't see any improvement until I saw this angle," she wrote.

The Reddit user than added that she only waited two weeks before commencing her second treatment, however, just be careful before undertaking the practice yourself – you should wait at least six weeks between rolls to prevent any skin damage.

The best advice is to be patient, you may not see results as fast as this user did, and do your research before using a derma roller.

Source: Cosmopolitan Australia

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