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PSA: You Can Now Buy Pokemon Sex Toys

Remember when Pokémon Go just EXPLODED last year and everyone was like, "Yeah, look at us getting in touch with our childhoods!"?

Well this is not like that.

A couple in Australia have invented a range of Pokémon sex toys - aptly named "Pokémoan" - so that you can Squirtle away to your heart's content.


The collection retails for $199 although you can buy each dildo separately if you have a clear favourite/ you don't actually want to catch 'em all.

Bulby is, as you can probably work out, based on grass-type Bulbasaur and "has a large seed tip making it a very pleasurable friend to have."

He's accompanied by Squirty - we're not going to go any further with that one - and Charmy who, though slightly thinner, is said to give "intense orgasms everywhere it goes."

And then there's Pikachu. If, for some bizarre reason, your childhood still hasn't been completely ruined, please turn back.

There's still time. 

"[Piky is] a small electric-type anal Pokémoan... perfect for the average Pokémoan trainer," the Geeky Sex Toys description reads

"Piky is an extremely cute yet essential addition to your team."

Suddenly we're looking at Ash Ketchum in a whole new light.

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