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Survivor Winner Jericho Reveals CRAZY Weight Loss

You’d imagine that after 55 days stranded on a Samoan beach, you’d have to drop some weight - but winner Jericho, who won $500,000 from the series, uploaded an instagram photo with a before and after that was legitimately unrecognisable.

It could be down to the fact that all they eat on the island is coconut juice and rice… and do extremely physical challenges every day. “

Before and after survivor #no filter. Fitness peeps help get me back into shape!,” he wrote on Instagram.

Despite his half a million in winnings, Jericho says he’s going to keep working and continue to live a modest lifestyle.

“I love my job,” he told Confidential.

“I’m not going to let this massive thing affect my job, I worked really hard for my job, before I was even a flight attendant I was a cabin cleaner, I was cleaning toilets and I was humbled by that,” he said.

“And before I was a cabin cleaner I was in catering in the kitchen among conveyor belts doing repetitive work in hair nets. I worked for it. I done think I would let this prize money change something I worked really hard for.”

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