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The Biggest Turn-Offs During Sex Have Been Revealed

Yes, sex is a totally natural thing but it's still weird, right?

There are noises and smells and things don't always behave the way they're supposed to but, you know, the pros outweigh the cons.

Unless you're one of the 5,000 people surveyed by Forktip, apparently; their recent study revealed the biggest turn-offs both men and women can commit in the bedroom and it's either going to make you super mad or super aware of everything you do.

According to the research, women just can't stand weird noises, a small penis, a man who ejaculates too quickly or changing positions too frequently.

Which is fair enough with regards to the first and fourth problems but the other two aren't really in the guy's control, are they?

Unfortunately it's pretty much the same story for guys; women who are "too loose", have small breasts or a lack of booty are chucked right on the "no thanks" pile, as is anyone who makes too much noise.

Again, three out of four aren't exactly fixable, and nor should they be.

If we take anything from this survey though, it's probably that we could all pay a little bit more attention to how loud we're being in the bedroom.

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