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The New Diet That Actually Lets You Eat Whatever You Want

Most diets these days make you cut out carbohydrates altogether, with foods like pasta and bread becoming a no-go.

But what if I told you there was a new diet in town claiming to help you lose weight while eating carbs!?

There is a catch, though, instead of eating your carbs in the morning, you must eat all your carbs at night.

A photo posted by Nate Miyaki (@nate_miyaki) on

Called ‘the Half Day diet’, this new nutrition plan allows you to eat protein and greens-focused meals during the day then moves you on to pasta and rice at night.

Formed by bodybuilder Nate Miyaki from San Francisco, he claims the plan stems from 2011 research in the Obesity Journal that showed people who ate carbs only at night, rather than throughout the day, lost more weight.

'Picture how easy it would be to diet for just half a day. And doesn’t that make so much more sense?' The bodybuilder wrote on his website. 

A photo posted by Nate Miyaki (@nate_miyaki) on

'Because your ancestors spent the day foraging for food, they “dieted” only half the day while they feasted at night.'

Although Mr Miyaki claims you can lose up to 90 kilos on this diet, there are no confirmed case studies on his website.

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