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The Six-Week Hypoxi Results I Could NEVER Have Predicted!

Hey, me again!

So I’m now six weeks into my eight-week Hypoxi challenge, and if I’m honest with you - I could NOT actually be happier right now.

We had my cousin’s bridal shower on the weekend, and I wore a pair of shorts I probably wouldn’t have the guts to wear to an event like a bridal shower, so I brought a back up pair with me just in case.


The great thing is I didn’t even need to pull out the spare pair at all, the short, short Zara pair were a great fit! #winning I felt totally comfortable.

It probably had something to do with the fact that my measurements and weigh-in this week told me I’d lost 30.3cm all up, and 5.6 kilos!

What I didn’t realise is that 6cm had come off my WAIST! Which is probably why I’d started having to wear a belt with my jeans.

(Never ever had to worry about that before.)

I EVEN went down a skirt size at Hypoxi - which my trainer Katie told me basically never happens.

The skirt is the thing you wear when you go on the Hypoxi bike. It allows the vacuum to work more effectively - and I was now rocking a 70, rather than an 80.


And of course, my size 10 jeans were still wearing well, which pleased me NO END.


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