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Why You Should NEVER Charge Your Phone While You Sleep

We have bad news for anyone who thinks that plugging in their phone to charge overnight is a helpful habit.

Tech experts are wading into the great debate on smartphone battery life with a warning against eight-hour long charging sessions, revealing that we're actually doing more harm than good.

That's because, according to The Sun, phone batteries are like cars; they start depreciating from the very first time we use them and keeping them plugged in overnight just keeps chipping away at their long-term life.

"If you think about it, charging your phone while you're sleeping results in the phone being on the charger for 3 - 4 months a year," Hatem Zeine, founder of wireless charging developer Ossia, told Time.

"So even though the manufacturers try their best to cover this scenario, this process inevitably lowers the capacity of your phone's battery.

Apparently what we should be doing is waiting until it drops below 40 per cent before plugging it in, and then only blitzing it for two to three hours at a time.

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