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There’s A New Injection That Can Guarantee You Orgasms

Okay ladies settle down, take a seat, grab a pen and take some notes because I'm about to dish out some of the best news of the year and quite possibly your entire life! (well sex life anyway)

Yep are you ready?...Female orgasms as about to get a WHOLE. LOT. EASIER!

How do you ask? Well apparently it all has to do with a little prick in our downstairs area.

The injection known as the O-Shot was discovered by Dr. Charles Runels, the surgeon behind another revolutionary treatment, the Dracula Facial.

For those who don't know, the Dracula facial, as the name indicates, involves a lot of blood.

First, the patient has viles of blood taken from their arm and placed in a spinning machine which makes the blood separate it's molecules, allowing the surgeon access to the platelet-rich plasma.

This plasma is then injected into the patient's face, causing it to bleed A LOT. This method brightens the complexion, fills wrinkles, evens out skin tone, banishes scarring etc.

Now basically, the O-shot works using the same method, but instead of injecting the plasma into your face, it is injected in your vagina. (ouch!)

Dr. Charles Runels is said to have discovered this method on none other than Valentine's day 2011, after his girlfriend, who was a frequent user of the Dracula Facial, asked him to try it on her nether-region.

Dr Runels' girlfriend thought the injections may make things a tad "tighter" down there after giving birth to three children. Apparently she noticed a difference almost immediately and she became "very hypersexual."

Dr Runels says that this injection is designed to give women sexual power and he has received nothing but praise from his clients.

"I was having trouble reaching orgasm," says user of the O-shot Rebecca McCarty.

"My husband worked hard to get me there, but most times it just never happened. We were both frustrated so I started doing research and found the O-shot."

"Before I knew I wasn't going to orgasm, but now I orgasm every time, at least once."

Well hooley dooley, if that review doesn't get you on board IMMEDIATELY then maybe this will.

Apparently, one shot is all it really takes, as Dr. Runels has not had a single patient since 2011 that has needed a second dose.

"It's not like botox that's going to wear off," he said.

And what's even better? This method is already available in Australia at Sydney's Cosmetic MD clinic.

So what do you say gals? All we have to do is dish out $1,500 for the treatment and we can become the powerful, sexual goddesses that we always knew we were.

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