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THIS Is What Happens After Two Weeks Of HYPOXI

I KIND of want to scream right now.

Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong! I’m just SO excited!

Before I tell you why, I have to give you a bit of background about me - and my body.

I have always been a size 10-12 and I NEVER fluctuate.

I also really don’t mind the way my body looks, but as everyone does, I have places I don’t LOVE the look of, and wouldn’t mind dropping a few kilos to even out and feel a little lighter.

The best excuse I can think of is my cousin’s upcoming October wedding.

I’m a bridesmaid, along with my sisters, who are both size 6-8. I never feel ‘bigger’ than them, but would probably feel a little better in the clingy ‘stone’ coloured dress my cousin chose for us if I was a little lighter.

So begins my Hypoxi journey.

I’ve had six sessions now, which involve me laying in the wetsuit (which I now know is called the HYPOXIdermology), which has the air sucked out of it, and clings to your body. Then the’bubble-style’ feeling starts!

To me feels like being inside a champagne bottle, or a nice massage for your butt and thighs.

Then it’s half an hour of low maintenance cycling in either the lay down or sit up bike, which has a vacuum inside. Perfect Suits catch-up time.

It’s such a pleasant, almost relaxing experience, and you feel so good afterwards. Anyway, I got my first results back after my sixth session and I recorded a video diary to share them with you!


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The natural way to lose two dress sizes in two months!

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