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WATCH: Girl Finds BUGS Inside Her Beauty Blender

Now of course having used a beauty blender numerous times, we definitely wouldn’t say that they are a necessarily hygienic product. The thing soaks your foundation up like a sponge and try as you might, it’s almost impossible to get it completely clean.

But while you would expect to find leftover foundation in the centre of your beauty blender, there is absolutely no way that you could predict what this one girl found in the centre of her makeup utensil.

Stevie noticed something black poking out the side of her bright pink beauty blender after putting on her makeup for the day. Her first thought was that something from inside her makeup bag had gotten stuck inside the applicator, but after closer inspection she realised that the black stick was actually a LEG!

The girl then decides to dig further with some tweezers into her makeup utensil and ends up removing a wing before pulling out the body of a black BEETLE!

May we take this moment to  remind you that she has literally just used this thing to apply foundation all over her FACE! We could literally vom right now…

But if it’s at all possible, Stevie’s situation actually gets worse as she decides to dissect her beauty product with some scissors to make sure nothing else is hiding in there. Big mistake Stevie. BIG mistake!

She manages to cut her way to the middle of the blender with scissors, only to find a much bigger bug!!

And yes while this is simply disgusting and we probably will have to just throw out our beauty blender when we get home out of pure disgust, Stevie’s reactions throughout the video are pure GOLD and worth a watch.

Is it just us, or can you feel bugs crawling all over you now too..?

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