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Woman With Chronic Skin Disease Shares Inspirational Make-up

An inspirational 26 year old woman has proven body confidence is everything, after posing naked for a photoshoot. 

Kannagi Shanbag suffers from vitiligo, which is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on parts of the body. 

Kannagi was born in India but now lives in New Zealand with her boyfriend. 

Around 40 per cent of her torso and her hands and feet turned white after she contracted the disease ten years ago. 


The disease started as small patches on the 26-year-old's leg and face, but quickly spread, leading Kannagi to seek treatment. 

"I went to a bunch of doctors and tried a bunch of different medical things, laser treatment, UV light, homeopathy, steroids, creams, some random home made things but it just kept spreading,' she told the Daily Mail. 

The skin condition led Kannagi to suffer poor self esteem and forced her to seek therapy.   

All of those feelings changed when she moved to London and meet her boyfriend photographer, Parth Mehta. The 24 year old helped her accept her new body.

'He loves my spots, he hates it when I wear make up; "you don't need all that you are so beautiful",  she said. 


The new confidence has given Kannagi a new lease on life. Before the scared 26-year-old wouldn't leave her house without makeup. Now, she's the focus of a photo campaign created by her boyfriend, which sets out to promote body confidence in women. 


Courtesy: Parth Mehta Photography

Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow also suffers from the skin condition, but has too embraced it. 

Kannagi has praised the model for bringing awareness to the condition. 

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