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Asian Women Are Putting Pegs In Their Nose To Make It Pointy

We’ve seen beauty trends come, go and come back around again, but every now and then we come across something new that takes us by surprise… and that time is now.

It seems women in East Asia are actually deliberately inserting pegs INTO their nostrils to make it ‘pointier’ and in their minds… ‘prettier’.

The trend apparently started in South Korea about two years ago and has now spread to Japan, mainland China and Taiwan, where women with a pointier European nose are considered more attractive.


However, this particular trend comes with a certain risk, swallowing the pegs. This very thing happened recently in China; a woman accidentally swallowed one of the pegs, and it was later found in her stomach.

The non-surgical nose-lifting trend apparently involves a set of tools which are popular on shopping websites in East and South-east Asia.


A typical set consists of two small curved pegs, measuring two to three centimetres long, as well as one adjusting hook.

According to the instructions online, users should first insert the two pegs into their nostrils respectively. The pegs are said to be made with silicone.

Then they should use the hook to adjust the pegs so they stand in a 45-degree angle inside the nose.

According to a beauty website in Taiwan, Kate Beckinsale is said to have the ‘best’ nose.

The article claimed that Ms Beckinsale's nose has the perfect angle, is extremely straight and does not have any irregularities.

Source: Daily Mail

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