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You Can Now Get A Procedure To Have REAL Back Dimples!

These days, there’s a procedure you can get for just about anything; big lips, slimmer legs, bigger breasts - and now, back dimples.

You know, the back dimples that practically every Victoria’s Secret model is graced with?

Yeah, you can now have them.

(Here I was thinking my muffin top was the only hip adornment I'd ever experience.)


Dr Jack Zoumaras, a surgeon at Artiste Plastic Surgery has revealed that lower back dimples will indeed be the new cosmetic surgery trend to hit Australian shores.

The procedure works by using Liposuction techniques to remove fat where the dimple is desired. Performed during the day, the procedure has a recovery time of 7-10 days and costs around $3-$4k.

It’s said to be the thing that creates the PERFECT derriere image.


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