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You’ve Been Pronouncing ‘Zara’ Wrong This WHOLE Time

If you’re a normal female, no doubt you’ve shopped at Zara, maybe you’re even one of their best customers.

Like me… BUT, do you you’ve been pronouncing the name of your favourite store WRONG this whole time?

According to Refinery29, Spanish retailer Zara is not pronounced Zah-ruh at all.

One of their reps set everyone straight.

“If you want to phonetic about it, it's pronounced dzah-dah’,” the report reads.

Apparently the region that Zara is based out of - Artexio, Spain, for those curious - speak Northern Castilian which replaces ‘z’ sounds with ‘th’ sounds, and ‘r’s with ‘d’s making ‘Zara’, ‘dzah-dah’ In other news, there are reports Nutella is actually pronounced, ‘New-tella’.


Source: ELLE

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