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How To Turn Just 3 Public Holidays Into 23 In April

Remember Christmas? Yep, for many of us, it’s pretty much a distant memory.

There is, however, something you can do about it.

To get back that holiday feeling, there are ways you can maximise your annual leave.

Specifically, for the month of April, here’s how to turn just three official annual leave days into almost an entire month.

Below, the dates in italics are the days you need to take off as annual leave, the others in bold are already either weekend days or public holidays.

Saturday 8 April

Sunday 9 April

Monday 10 April

Tuesday 11 April

Wednesday 12 April

Thursday 13 April

Friday 14 April (Good Friday)

Saturday 15 April

Sunday 16 April

Monday 17 April (Easter Monday)

Tuesday 18 April

Wednesday 19 April

Thursday 20 April

Friday 21 April

Saturday 22 April

Sunday 23 April

Monday 24 April

Tuesday 25 April (ANZAC Day)

Wednesday 26 April

Thursday 27 April

Friday 28 April

Saturday 29 April

Sunday 30 April



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