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Target Is Getting Dragged For Promoting Name-Calling On Doll

In the sea of Barbie and Bratz, this range of dolls was meant to be a relatable alternative.

Since 2010, Positively Perfect dolls have been “empowering dolls that help little girls see the beauty in themselves”.

But for one Australian mum, the wording on one of the dolls’ packaging was anything but positive and many other mums are dragging Target for promoting name-calling.

On Tuesday, she posted the following caption with a picture of the doll.


“Has anyone else noticed the inappropriate wording on Target's Positively Perfect Dolls?” she wrote.

“I went to buy one for my daughter but immediately put her back on the shelf when I noticed she was labelled '4 eyes'.

“I have let the doll company know and apparently they were very surprised and not impressed, and not aware the wording was there??”

Some agreed with her (comments as they appeared on Facebook).

“I think the bubble is to represent what bullies may call someone with glasses. But then the doll is called ‘positively perfect’ and does it say something about something being “totally in” down the bottom. I still don’t think the bubbles should be there in the first place though, why encourage and advertise that kind of hurtful word?”

“100% there is no way the company didn’t know. Target would never have a sticker like that to put on the box and if you complain to Target they will likely pull it off the shelf.”

“I contacted target regarding this and they tried to tell me it was a US toy well I saw it in an Australian store, they were shocked.”

But most didn’t see the problem.

“I wear glasses my daughter wears glasses and I agree you need a truckload of cement.”

“OMG Get a life, what r u not going to throw the packaging away o but wait yr that 1 person that will pop it on the mantel and stare at it.”

Im sure some mum just have nothing better todo.... im buying these dolls if they are in target. My girl feel different but in a good way because thats how i bring my kids up. Women need to rethink there parenting skills... sheltering there kids way to much”

“My issue with these is they are supposed to represent "diversity". Apparently, diversity now means wearing glasses or having long hair. Very weird.”

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