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5 Strange But True Holidays Celebrated Around The World

National Weatherperson's Day: February 5th

Rain, hail or shine, the weatherman is always there for us. So why not celebrate them with a day dedicated to their weather observations?!


Kanamara Matsuri... aka Penis Festival: First Sunday of April

True story! Each year a Japanese town celebrates the fertility associated the fertility associated with your manhood. For obvious reasons, this one has proven popular with tourists also...

Bermuda Day: May 24th

It's the day the people of Bermuda pay tribute to none other than the Bermuda shorts. Think of it like casual Friday with locals wearing the local fashion for the day - and yes that includes going to work!

Melon Day: August 12th

Here's one for fans of a juicy melon! In Turkmenistan locals celebrate the long heritage of melons in the country which are used not only for eating, but for medicinal purposes also.


Bolas de Fuego... aka Balls of Fire: August 21st

Each August in El Salvador, the town of Nejapa remembers the day a volcano erupted in 1658 by lighting up the sky - with rags soaked in flammable liquid!

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