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Airbnb travellers discover hidden cameras in the bedroom

Airbnb is great for finding a place to crash when you're travelling that's not the same old hotel room you've seen a hundred times before.

But with the convenience and quirkiness can also come the inevitable weirdos who haven't been to hotel school and aren't scared of losing their job with a multi-national company, and will... you know... put cameras in your bedroom and stuff.

Which happened to a couple in the USA who had checked into an apartment in Florida for a few nights.

After noticing a black hole in the smoke detectors in the bedroom, they took them apart and found it also contained a camera and microphone.Then they found another contraption in the living room.

Then they found another contraption in the living room.

The owner of the apartment, Wayne Natt has since been charged with video voyeurism by Longboat Key Police.

But just wait for the excuse...

He claims that the cameras are for private sex parties he holds in the apartment and that all the guests give their consent to be videotaped.

When your excuse is that "it's for my weird sex thing", you better get your court suit dry cleaned.

Longboat Key Policeman Lt. Robert Bourque agrees:

We did have the opportunity to analyze what was on the SD card and there are a couple of different people on them.

Our question is, if people are aware the cameras are there, why are they hidden in smoke alarms?

And his answer was – for a better angle.

Who knows what it’s being used for, so it’s very concerning. I suspect there are other victims, it’s just a matter of identifying them or not.

Airbnb has since permanently banned Natt from the site.

Also, this is Natt's mugshot.  Why is he pulling that face?


Perhaps he doesn't like being recorded without his consent?

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