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Dog Seatbelts Are The Thing Your Pooch Needs These Holidays

Driving in the car with your fur baby can be quite a challenge! For many pups a car ride means going to the vet but for some lucky canines a car ride is just the start of an adventure. Either way, trying to keep them contained safely in the car can be rather tricky. 

Luckily, ZuGoPet have released this amazing doggy seatbelt called The Rocketeer to keep your fur baby safe from any dangers. The design looks more like a harness than a seatbelt, but it’s one of the safest options on the market according to various crash tests.

The seatbelt comes in a variety of sizes to cater for different dogs and is certified for dogs under 11.35kg. One seatbelt will set you back $175 USD which is roughly $230 AUD.  The seatbelts are available on the ZuGoPet site here

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