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Luxurious Maldives Resort Has An Instagram Butler

The Maldives has got to be the ultimate insta-worthy holiday destination. Crystal clear water, abundant coral reefs, picture perfect sunny skies and a million gorgeous spots for you to recline in the sun...

It's almost not worth going if you can't share your journey with all of your instagram followers and make them INSANELY jealous...okay well it would be amazing but STILL it would be a waste not to gram that ocean!

And so for all the solo travellers out there or just the people whose partners refuse to become an 'instagram husband', this one five-star resort in the heart of this tropical paradise has thought of the ONE thing that no other hotel can offer you...


That's right, forget the typical butler who takes your coat and carries your bag, the Conrad Hilton Resort in the Maldives are providing their guests with a butler whose sole purpose is to take photos for the guest's personal instagram accounts!

Amazing right! What's even better is that your insta-butler is also equipped to help you choose the perfect filter and if you can't think of just the right caption, they will even take the time to post the image for you!

📷: @ego_marina

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Can we take him home with us...this fella could be handy to have around the house!

And it seems that this resort has thought of absolutely everything!! They have even created an "Instagram Trail" which is a tour that your Butler can take you on around the island of Rangali to find the BEST backdrops that will get your post the most likes.

But of course, it doesn't come at a small price...to stay at the Conrad Hilton Resort in the Maldives for just ONE night will cost you a whopping $750. But seriously I almost feel like it's worth spending my life savings on...

Literally holiday goals right here guys!! For more information about the insta-butler, check out their website  here.

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