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People Are Hiring Private Jets For The Most Absurd Reason

Are you able to afford to fly in luxury on a private jet? No? Well, listen up! You can now make your followers on social media believe that you DO have the money to travel on private jets all thanks to the help of a company in Russia!

The Private Jet Studio, in Moscow, is allowing people to rent one of their private jets exclusively for a photo shoot. For $360 (14,000 roubles) you can make believe that you have the riches of a Kardashian and enjoy the fact that your followers think so too!

The two hour photo shoot allows you to pose in and around a grounded jet and the company’s Instagram feed even shows people posing with a (potentially rented) supercar on the tarmac with the jet. If you’re willing to fork out a little bit of extra cash, you can score yourself a professional photographer and some Hollywood lighting!

Although the jet stays on the tarmac the whole duration of the shoot, it’s still quite a steal when you consider the fact that a two hour flight on a private jets costs upwards of $3090, according to Pentastar Aviation.

If this doesn’t scream fake it till you make it, then I don’t know what does!

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