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Safari Holiday in South Africa

So you want to get away from it all and feel connected to what’s real again? Then perhaps hearing a lion roar less than a metre from your face is the answer you need on an African Safari!

It’s a trip you will never forget as you are confronted with the most beautiful beasts of the world, in their natural habitat, reminding us of how fragile and how extraordinary our planet is. Bring out your inner animal as you cruise through the open plains bringing a humility back to our chaotic lives at home. Feel the sunrise on your back and run your hands through the red sands that are home to some of the most extraordinary animals - and people on earth.

Don’t miss the chance to stopover in Capetown for an incredible stay at the Cape Grace Hotel on the water, enjoy a dinner at nearby trendy Camps Bay and a take trek (or a cable car!) up Table Mountain.

Or perhaps enjoy a scenic drive to the breathtaking Franschoek and Stellenbosch wine regions where you’ll want to invest in a few outstanding local wines for your collection at home.

And if you’re brave enough to be one with the wild then an evening camping under the stars is the must-see moment of a trip to South Africa. But fear not, an overnight safari doesn’t have to mean roughing it… glamping is the new craze sweeping this magestic nation with king sized beds under draped mosquito nets and gourmet chefs preparing a mouth-watering feast.

If you’re after something more upbeat then head to the glitz and glamour of Sun City, nestled amongst the dunes. This oasis of gold will make you giddy with grandeur that only a fast paced zip-ride down the hill will cure.

My top tip: keep your eyes open and be prepared for a holiday of the senses. You never know what you might see if you look hard enough!



Rose Jacobs is the Lifestyle Channel’s Travel Expert on Foxtel and is the author of popular parenting travel blog poopypropeller.blogspot.com.au providing travel advice for parents daring to go abroad with their monsters beloved little darlings. @JacobsRosie

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