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You Could Go To Jail In Bali For Having Sex Before Marriage

If you're planning a romantic trip to Bali anytime soon with your partner, you might want to take note because this proposed law change could SERIOUSLY ruin your getaway.

A group known as Family Love Alliance has started a petition to change the criminal code in Indonesia so that it would be illegal for all couples to have sex before marriage.The petition will be passed on to Indonesia's Constitutional Court by the end of 2017.

This law is expected to apply to tourists as well as locals.

Of course, we're all wondering how they would ever be able to enforce this law (will all couples have a look-out stationed outside their hotel room...?)

BUT if the law is passed any couples caught under the sheets out of wedlock could face jail time.

There's always the possibility that the law will not get passed, however, it's definitely something to think about before booking that romantic getaway to the popular tourist destination.

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