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You Can Buy Insta Likes And Followers From A Vending Machine

There's no doubt that social media can foster some serious self doubt in all of us.

Pretty much everyone has experienced that disappointing moment when you post an absolutely BOMB selfie on Instagram but it doesn't get the love and respect that it deserves...

Like you know, when you're expecting at least 50 likes and some comments with loving emoji's, but it's already been an hour and you've only racked up 15 likes (Half of which are from your relatives...)

Well we've got some good news from you! Thanks to the invention of a new vending machine we can say goodbye to our Insta-anxiety.

In shopping centres throughout Russia, there has been a roll out of vending machines that actually sell likes and followers for different social media platforms.

For as little as $1.16 AUD, you can buy 100 "fake" likes for an instagram image and for just $2.32 you can purchase 100 new followers!

Yep, apparently Insta-fame is as easy as that!

As well as likes and followers, this new invention also allows customers to take selfies and print photos straight from instagram.

Russian company Snaptap are the geniuses behind the vending machines and there are currently about 20 machines in operation throughout the country.

And if you can't get to one of the machine locations when you're in need of some social media assistance, you can actually hire your own machine for $325 AUD.

The downside? Well Snaptap has explained that when people use the device it "automatically adds customer's in social networks and send requests to the client's friends."

So basically, your instagram account will start sending various advertisements to your current followers.

Oh and of course the small snag in our plan to reaching insta-celeb status, they're not actually available here down under.

So what do you think? Should we start introducing these vending machines into our Westfield's in Australia? Or would this be sinking to an all new low in the world of social media..?

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